About the developer:
I'm developing sites on CMS Drupal has been the 4th year. Specifically specialize in the functional part, programming modules, a bunch of modules and layout for this CMS.My niche - it is part of the program sites on Drupal.
Why Drupal? - It's simple, open source, and a huge community on the Internet to help make any site. Develops websites from business cards to online stores and portals. So he began to look towards developing websites on WordPress, this CMS is also convenient and easy to admin, very popular on the Internet, for it has a lot of plugins and configuration instructions or ligaments. If you do a simple website as a business card site, then WordPress is perfectly suitable for this task, but as Drupal, it is possible to do and more powerful websites.

I apologize if there are errors in the English version of the site. My English is at the primary level

Last works

Интернет-магазин модной и стильной одежды Garment Shop

Internet shop of fashionable and stylish clothes Garment-Shop

Realized I work:
  • Functionality from A to Z
  • Design, layout
  • Commerce Kickstart

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Egoza - barbed wire

Realized I work:
  • Development of the functional structure of the whole site

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